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Why buy a custom-made box over Tvpad?

living in the UK, my first Chinese streaming set-top box I bought for my parents was the Tvpad back in 2012. It was very popular at the time, especially for the overseas Chinese consumers. Due to the lack of support I  upgraded my model to Tvpad 2 and 3 but shortly after the updated release of tvpad 4 all previous generation of the three tvpads eventually stopped working and completely shut down by the company. Infact I have spent almost  £500 on these Premium boxes and now all service is not being provided anymore.  Within a few years they have become useless, just like that!

​Even the latest Tvpad 4 along with the Moonbox and Blue Tv that have emerged in the marketplace also recently stopped streaming as well. This meant existing users would have to fork out towards another new box or an upgraded model to continue watching again, until the day that doesn’t work too. With this kind of track record these commercial brand companies have, don’t be too surprised if they suddenly decide to stop broadcasting or supporting your expensive updated model anytime they like without warning! ​I now feel very reluctant in spending money again on any new TV box that is out on the market, knowing  the possibility of  service  being terminated in future and how unreliable they can be. You are likely to be better off paying for a service that offer a subscription-based pricing model instead. At least if the channels stop working you can just choose to cancel. For this reason, my only option left was to search for an affordable and preferable way of watching Chinese streaming TV without having these issues in the long run. 

I now realize the best solution for watching streaming TV from Asia on a budget is to run the apps on your own TV box instead. At I am offering a service in helping you build your own affordable Chinese streaming box that is running on open android platform. You will be supplied with the best high-end android TV device on the market right now along with all the tools and apps from Asia for your box to have everything setup, installed, customized and all ready to go. That means your box will be alot more cheaper and won’t ever get deactivated like the TVpad or other premium boxes did. You can also do so much more with the support of an official Google play store and the capability of running Youtube / Email / browser / games / apps provided by third-parties etc.. Even if you already own a working premium TV box, there are no guarantee how long the support of your box will last. For this reason your custom-made box would be a great backup solution for you to have.